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These are high grade AA, high quality Uruguayan Amethyst that have been expertly hand polished and are backed by our vendor who priortizes ethics of sourcing and lapidary work.  



The amethyst has been a widely popular crystal since 25,000 BC and for good reason.  It is a stone known to help in decision making and rids negative energy contained within oneself.  It is a very centering stone which can help balance emotions providing a peaceful energy and has also been known to encourage a restful sleep.


If you have a particularly chaotic room in your home, place this crystal there to help provide a calming aura.  I like to place my amethyst on my bedside table so I can look at it before falling asleep, especially on evenings I feel my sleeps are going to be restless. 

Grade AA Uruguay Amethyst Geode (UA2)

  • Ethically sourced from Artigas, Uruguay

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