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How do I take care of my crystal stretch bracelets?

Here are a few great tips for keeping your crystal stretch bracelets happy:

  • Keep out of prolonged water as the stretch cord will wear down faster over time when submerged in water for long periods of time

  • Keep away from harsh cleaning chemicals, perfumes, soap or anything that may break down the stretch cord 

  • The proper way to put on your stretch bracelet is to slip it on and off your wrist gently by rolling it on and off your wrist.  This avoids over stretching your bracelet.

How do I take care of my crystal/crystal beads?

The crystals you receive from Ocean Crystal Healing are of high grade (most are A-AAA grade quality) and are cleansed/smudges and energetically charged before coming to you.  To cleanse your crystal/crystal beads you can do so by smudging with Palo Santo or sage, lightly spraying with  smudge mist if you are sensitive to smoke, leave on a windowsill in sunlight or moonlight (note: do not leave your crystals in sunlight for more than 1 hour as this may cause the crystal to lose it's colour).


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