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Ethical Sourcing

Since the opening of Ocean Crystal Healing, my greatest desire has been to work with companies that believe in working directly with mines that provide fair wages and safe working conditions for all of their employees.  I also wanted to find companies that provide a low carbon footprint and environmental impact.  It is true, the mining of Earth's DNA (crystals and material) is not sustainable, but there are mines that believe in reforestation or will convert the mines for another social benefit.  The very small and few companies I work with share these beliefs:

  • Fair wages and safe working environments

  • No child labor is involved!

  • Environmentally friendly mining and lapidary productions

  • Are not by-products of other industries that cause harm

  • Work with small, family run businesses

Purchase your crystals with confidence knowing that they have come directly from the source in an ethical way.  The crystals that have an origin and at times the name of the exact mine listed on their profile are ones that have been obtained from our new partnerships. 


That being said, the crystal selection we have from our previous suppliers are high quality and picked individually by myself with immense care. The supplier gave me majority of the origin of each crystal.  I just wanted to go the extra step and be 100% confident that the crystals coming to my home and to yours are traceable and non-conflict and I am so excited to finally be able to offer this to you going forward. 


Thank you for shopping small!

When you shop small you support not only the person creating the products by hand and with love, but your community.  Thank you so much for popping by our tiny online shop, feel free to say hello by using the form below!

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