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ALl Natural Zeolite on basalt with separate stand included.


Electrical statement piece that is bringing crazy energetic vibes!


Zeolie is from the Tectosilicate Subclass of minerals and is known to help you attune to your energies in order to help you locate any blockages.  It is a well known stone used in Reiki. 


You will be purchasing the very stone pictured in the photos.  Please note, that due to screen resolutions, colours may appear differently than what is photographed.  

Zeolite on Stand (Statement Piece)

  • Height (on stand): Approx 13"

    Width:  Approx 5.5" at widest point

    Weight (on stand): 1.36 kg

  • Some crystals and stones have naturally occurring chips/divets. Please ensure to inspect photos.

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