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These are beautiful raw blue Kyanite chunks!  


Blue Kyanite works with your third eye and crown chakra to tap into your unique psychic abilities.  The best place to put these gorgeous raw blue kyanite chunks would be by your bedside.  The vibrational frequencies of blue kyanite will help to open up your third eye while you are asleep so that you can tap into your dreams and be more open to receiving messages from your spirit guides or guardians.


Style A: - $25

Style B: - $56

Raw Blue Kyanite

C$25.00 Regular Price
C$20.00Sale Price
  • Third Eye and Crown

  • Style "A": Approx 4" length, approx 2" height and 189 grams

    Style "B": Approx 2.5" length, approx 2" height and 423 grams

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