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Gorgeous high quality Rainbow Fluorite Towers.


Fluorite is a crystal that offers focus, clarity and protection.  It helps to balance emotions and keep your emotions stabilized.  It is a stone known to help you if you struggle to focus at school or work and can also help ease your mind while meditating.  I like to have fluorite around my yoga mat for when I meditate.  The mantra I repeat during my meditations with fluorite is that "I am clear with my intention I have set for myself.  I am focused and strong." 


Prices vary dependent on which Fluorite tower style you choose.  Please note, that due to screen resolutions, colours may appear differently than what is photographed.

Rainbow Fluorite Towers

  • See approximate sizes below for the styles:

    Style "A" - Small sized fluorite, approx height 4", approx weight 98 grams

    Style "B" - Medium sized fluorite, approx height 4.6", approx weight 133.5 grams

    Style "C" - Large sized fluorite, approx height 5.4", approx weight 399 grams

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