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Bring the beauty of orca whales to your living space with this Orca Agate Flame.


This orca agate flame makes a beautiful small statement piece for any home.  It is known for cleansing the aura and ridding your space of negative energy.  Place this in your office or place of work to help with mental function and concentration, it can also help to promote calmness which, let's be honest, can be very helpful if our job description is dealing with unhappy clients!


You will be purchasing the very stone pictured in the photos.  Please note, that due to screen resolutions, colours may appear differently than what is photographed.  


*This piece has a bit of a narrower base so ensure to place it on a sturdy surface*

Orca Agate Flame

  • Throat Chakra

  • Height approx 4"
    Width approx 2.5"
    Weight 400.5 grams

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