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Kid’s Genuine Moonstone w/ Grey Agate Stretch bracelet.

Will fit X-small wrist.


Moonstone Healing Properties:

  • Moonstone is a very special stone with feminine energy. It has been a stone known to help with menstrual pain and child bearing pain
  • It is a stone of new beginnings and is a very popular crystal in ones spritiual healing



Grey Agate Healing Properties:

  • The Grey Agate has a powerful connection to the Earth and is considered a very grounding stone
  • It is believed to enhance intuition and protection
  • Aids in balancing your emotions when you are feeling ungrounded and anxious



♡ This bracelet was designed and made with so much love by Maya ♡

Kid's Genuine Moonstone w/ Grey Agate Stretch Bracelet

  • Size 8 mm genuine crystal beads.

    Each crystal bead is strung lovingly onto a quality stretch cord. These were made to be worn daily, but keep in mind to take care when wearing your bracelet during rigourous activities, you do not want the bracelet to get caught in anything. I would also suggest to avoid submerging in water for long periods of time. The more you take care of your crystal bracelet, the longer it will take care of you.

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