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Jasper 10 mm Crystal Stretch Bracelet.  This is one of a kind and is size Large.


Adult Sizes:

Small - 6" - 6.5" (15 cm - 16.51 cm)

Medium - 6.5" - 7.0"  (16.51 cm - 17 cm) *Most universal size

Large - 7.0" - 7.5"  (17.71 cm - 19.05 cm)


Jasper Healing Properties:


There are many types of jasper, this one was noted to be an Ocean Jasper

Encourages feelings of happiness, joy and higher spirits

Connect with this stone after a stressful day to provide you with positive vibes

Jasper Crystal Stretch Bracelet

SKU: Jasper1
  • Size of crystals: 10MM

    Each crystal bead is strung lovingly onto a quality stretch cord.  These were made to be able to wear daily, but keep in mind to take care when wearing your bracelet during rigourous activities, you do not want the bracelet to get caught in anything.  I would also suggest to avoid submerging in water for long periods of time.  The more you take care of your crystal bracelet, the longer it will take care of you.

    Please note, due to the nature of these beautiful stones, there will be variations in the appearance and or texture of the crystal beads.  

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